Welcome to PuTHOLI Health Care

PuTholi Health Care is located in the center of the city with facilities for admission and management of acutely ill patients with psychiatric illnesses. Suicidal and aggressive patients who require emergency intensive psychiatric care are also treated. Detoxification of patients with alcohol dependence and motivational therapy for relapse prevention is given. Treatment methods include both medications and psychotherapy.


At PuTHOLI Health Care, intervention is categorized into 4 levels

  • Alpha Care
  •       Outpatient service for the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients with psychiatric illness. Mainly medication based.

  • Beta Care
  •       Hospital based Inpatient intensive care of acutely ill patients with psychiatric disorders, patients with aggressive behavior, patients with self injurious behavior and suicidal ideas and inpatient de-addiction treatment.

  • Epsilon Care
  •       Management of stress related problems, marital conflicts, mild depression and anxiety disorders, etc. involves both psychological therapies and adjunctive medications.

  • Omega Care
  •       Treatment of childhood developmental, behavioral and emotional problems Evaluation and intervention in intellectual and academic disabilities Positive Mental Health including personality development and life enhancement Pre-employment evaluation, premarital counseling.